Babu Owino Arrested; Trouble as US Official Refuses to Meet CS Kuria Over His Loose Tongue & Ruto Changes Tact, Issues Fresh Directive After Uproar On Wednesday Demos

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President William Ruto and Azimio leader Raila Odinga have pushed the country to the edge following a standoff over the last General-Election and public angst over the cost of living.

Kenyans have lost their lives in deadly protests inspired by the Opposition over a number of demands including an audit of the last presidential poll results, electoral reforms and protection of multi-party democracy.

Anxious Kenyans are keeping their fingers crossed after the Opposition called for a three-day countrywide demonstration amidst a strong warning by the State security agencies that the protests will not be tolerated.

That has ominously laid the ground for a show-down between security agencies and Azimio supporters. Though largely clothed as protests over the cost of living the political motive cannot be disguised.

The demos are a result of an unfortunate culture of endless political competition that has become part of our country’s post-election conditions with grave consequences for its citizens.

Do you think the 3-day countrywide demonstration will make a change to the cost of living or the desired changes so called upon by the opposition?

Meanwhile, here are news stories making headlines on Opera New today;

Babu Owino Arrested

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