REVEALED: 4 Companies Linked To Ruto Ally Win Multibillion Tenders in Government; Budget Controller Flags Sh5.7bn Salaries Paid Outside Payroll & Tighten Your Belt as MPs Endorse 16pc VAT on Fuel

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Cabinet Secretary for Trade and Investment Moses Kuria has been engaged in a war of words with media giant, Nation Media Group (NMG), accusing it of bias against the Kenya Kwanza government.

In a series of online attacks and even in an event, Moses Kuria has been opposed to how NTV and Nation report their news and only write negative and false narratives against Ruto’s administration.

Nation Media and the media fraternity came out guns blazing and asked the president to discipline the CS.

The President Wednesday afternoon during the opening of the Safari Rally Championship responded to the calls to have him defend the media.

However, President Ruto was of the idea that while the media was holding the government to account, he needed someone like Moses Kuria to defend him from media attacks.

“We must defend the media, but also we must defend the right of those who hold them to account when media goes rogue. We must also defend the rights of people like Moses Kuria to speak their minds, the same way we are defending the media all the things they want including the wrong ones,” he said.

President Ruto called Moses Kuria’s outburst as ‘balancing’ the false reporting the media is making against his government.

With Ruto’s defence, do you think this will aid a surge in the number of media attacks from the government’s lieutenants?

Meanwhile, here are stories making headlines from Opera News today.

REVEALED: 4 Companies Linked To Mary Wambui Won Multibillion Tenders in Ruto’s Government

Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria Wednesday morning presented the Senate with a list of 11 companies that the Kenya National Trading Corporation (KNTC) had contracted to import various commodities as part of President Ruto’s plans to reduce the cost of food, Nation reports.

According to Daily Nation, the four contracted companies are linked to a powerful woman in Ruto’s government, Mary Wambui.

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Budget controller flags Sh5.7bn salaries paid outside payroll

The Controller of Budget (COB) has flagged expenditures of Sh5.66 billion on salary payments outside approved payroll systems in the first nine months of the Kenya Kwanza government.

The findings of a review of salary expenditures by ministries, departments and agencies in nine months to March 2023 raise questions about the commitment by the government to instil transparency in its wage bill expenditures.

Tighten your belt as MPs endorse 16pc VAT on fuel

Kenyans will from July 1 be forced to tighten their belts some more after Kenya Kwanza MPs bulldozed their way and raised the tax on fuel from eight to 16 per cent as proposed in the Finance Bill, 2023.

The ruling coalition MPs used their numerical strength to defeat a spirited opposition by Azimio legislators.

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