Raila Hastily Responds to Ruto’s Dare to Have His Children Join Mungiki; Bad News For Ruto as Only 2 Out of 11 MPs Support His Finance Bill in Western Kenya & Huge Fire Breaks At Mutindwa Market In Buruburu (Photos)

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In the past few days, you might have come across a person exhibiting flu-like symptoms and feared a resurgence of the dreaded coronavirus.

Fortunately, the government has allayed fears the country was facing a resurgence of Covid-19.

Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha instead said what the country was experiencing was a flu outbreak.

Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha at a past event

She said the flu-like symptoms witnessed in the recent past were due to the cold season and not the coronavirus.

“From our surveillance, we do not have an upsurge of Covid yet that we can report to the country and tell them to take corrective action,” she said at Afya House.

In a spot-check across a number of public establishments including five-star hotels, eateries and other open-air places such as markets and bus terminus, Opera News found out that most of the people are less bothered about the news of Covid-19.

Meanwhile, here are news stories making headlines on Opera News today;

Raila Breaks Silence After Ruto Dared Him To Send His Children To Join Mungiki, Sends This Message

President William Ruto’s accusations that the opposition was attempting to link up with the former criminal gang of Mungiki drew a swift response from the Azimio la Umoja coalition.

Speaking from Kirinyaga County, President William Ruto challenged the opposition to attempt and bring their kids to join Mungiki if they think Mungiki is a decent group.

He gave the people of Mount Kenya the reassurance that Mungiki would not rise because the group had done significant atrocities that could not be tolerated to be repeated.

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Headache for Ruto as Only 2 Out of 11 MPs are Allegedly Supporting His Finance Bill in Western Kenya

Hours after finance committee chair Kuria Kimani who doubles as Molo member of parliament tabled the proposed finance bill in the parliament, Ruto has dealt with a fresh hurdle as per the latest reports.

As relayed by a report covered in Wednesday’s Standard publication, Ruto’s bill is being opposed by Westen Kenya MPs as it emerges that only two out of eleven are supporting it.

The thirteen lawmakers are from Kakamega County and in between them, those affiliated to Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza are as well opposed to the bill.

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Huge Fire At Mutindwa Market In Buruburu (photos)

Firefighters take their time as huge fire razes Gikomba market – PHOTOS – Nairobi News

Firefighters take their time as huge fire razes Gikomba market – PHOTOS – Nairobi News

It is sad to report an incident that occurred at the Mutindwa market in Buruburu.

A huge fire has been witnessed around the market and the residents have tried their best to rescue their belongings but their efforts were not enough since the fire was huge.

Many traders are much worried about scenes they are not aware of as to why they always get their goods destroyed by fire we are known, people.

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