Finance Bill or 2027 Strategy? Why Raila, Azimio is at a Crossroads; More Confusion Arises Over Cucu Waithira’s Testimony as NTV Releases Original Video Footage & Why CS Kuria Regrets Sponsoring Eric Omondi’s U.S Tour

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Kenyans have elicited mixed reactions to the Finance Bill 2023. Some are supportive of the bill, while others are critical.

Those who support the bill argue that it will help to stimulate the economy and create jobs. They also point to the bill’s measures to address challenges facing ordinary Kenyans, such as the high cost of living and the lack of affordable housing.

Those who are critical of the bill argue that it will place a heavier burden on taxpayers. They also argue that the bill does not do enough to address the underlying causes of Kenya’s economic problems, such as corruption and mismanagement.

Kenya Kwanza government has been advocating for the bill saying the project will create one million direct jobs. The government has also been unleashing finer details in bits that have confused a section of Kenyans.

Speaking Wednesday night during an interview with Citizen TV, Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria said the controversial Affordable Housing programme is a project that will be spearheaded by the county governments and not necessarily the national government.

“It is actually the 47 governors who are the owners of the program because we are going to have all the counties earmarked land and projects for the affordable housing project in all corners of the country irrespective of the political persuasion,” he said.

Chair of Finance and National Planning Committee in the National Assembly Kimani Kuria on the other side said that Kenyans should also focus on other amendments to the Finance Bill and not only dwell on the housing bill.

“Sometimes I feel sad that this Finance Bill has become a housing bill because every conversation has been about the housing levy but that is just one clause. The Finance Bill has 157 pages of different amendments across all sectors of our economy,” he said.

Overall, Kenyans are divided on the Finance Bill 2023. It remains to be seen whether the bill will be passed by Parliament and, if so, what impact it will have on the Kenyan economy.

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Finance Bill or 2027 strategy? Why Raila, Azimio is at a crossroads

The one-week ultimatum issued by Opposition leader Raila Odinga to President William Ruto on May 27 to reverse what he termed tribal state appointments, lest the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya coalition party calls for secession from the rest of Kenya, elapses tomorrow.

And even before the President and his Kenya Kwanza Alliance administration fulfil this particular demand, there are several other ultimatums on the card. The very latest one was issued by the former Prime Minister on the eve of Madaraka Day, which was marked last Thursday, demanding that Dr Ruto withdraw “the punitive Financial Bill” latest by June 5 or face unspecified action from the opposition.

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More Confusion Arises Over Cucu Waithira’s Testimony as NTV Releases Original Video Footage

A conflicting situation has emerged surrounding the testimonies of Pauline Waithira, commonly known as Mama Mboga, after Dennis Itumbi released a video suggesting that she had retracted her earlier statements made in an article by the Daily Nation.

However, the media house has now countered this claim by releasing the original video footage, which appears to support their initial story.

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Why CS Kuria regrets sponsoring Eric Omondi’s U.S tour [Video]

Afadhali ningetumia hiyo pesa kwa sherehe – CS Moses Kuria told Eric Omondi during a heated debate on Citizen TV Trade and Investment Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria said he now regrets giving comedian Eric Omondi a fully paid visit to the United States.

CS Kuria made the remarks during an interview with Citizen TV on Wednesday evening, June 7, in a debate on the Finance Bill 2023 featuring leaders, experts and ordinary citizens.

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