Jeremiah Kioni to Lead Tree Planting, Sheep Donation Campaign at Uhuru’s Northlands Farm; Itumbi Alleges Why Raila Lost August 9th Polls & Raila Odinga Reveals He’s Hopeful as Public Barazas Return

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The bipartisan talks between the Azimio coalition and the government could end without taking off as the new developments suggest.

The Azimio camp was dissatisfied with President William Ruto’s dream team leading the bi-partisan talks citing plans by the government to sabotage the truce.

Raila Odinga’s led camp promised to go back to the streets if the government was ingenuine in having talks to address their demands.

To prepare for any possible outcome, Azimio is scheduled to hold two public barazas today to engage civil servants and key players to address important issues facing Kenyans.

It should be noted that Azimio started with countrywide barazas before declaring mass protests that saw the destruction of property.

The government on the other side has maintained that all talks will be in Parliament according to the constitution.

Meanwhile, here are stories making headlines on Opera News today;

Northlands: Jeremiah Kioni to Lead Tree Planting, Sheep Donation Campaign at Uhuru Kenyatta’s Farm

Jubilee Party Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni has announced plans to lead a tree planting event at former president Uhuru Kenyatta’s family farm, Northlands City, in Kiambu County.

Kioni said Uhuru’s supporters will use the Saturday, April 15 event to donate sheep and goats to the former president’s family.

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Itumbi Drops a Late Night Bombshell Alleging Why Raila Lost August 9th Polls As Per His Chief Agent

For the past few months, Raila Odinga the Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate has been insisting that he won the August 9th polls by over 8 million votes while his closest rival President William Ruto garnered 5 Million votes.

Well, Raila has gone further to dispute the ruling by the Supreme Court of Kenya which named President William Ruto as the winner of the poll.

“I am Hopeful” Kenyans Now Told By Raila Odinga What He stands To Gain from Ufungamano Meeting

Former Prime Minister of Kenya, Raila Odinga, has called for the Ufungamano meeting scheduled for Thursday of this week, while the Bipartisan committee formed by the Kenya Kwanza team and the Azimio is set to commence its work. Odinga has communicated to Kenyans what he hopes to achieve through this meeting.

According to Odinga, he is hopeful that the Ufungamano meeting will result in the unification of Kenyans and the development of a landmark for national transformation. He also intends to seek solutions for national problems and create a brighter future for current and future generations. Odinga is determined to achieve these goals despite his loss in the August elections to President Rut

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