Frank Obegi’s Mother Says He Asked For KSh 70 Days Before Disappearing; Uhuru Finally Decides to Tour Ruto’ s Region & Kenyans Told Why UDA Partners May Find It Hard To Get Their Bargain

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We have precisely forty-five days to the August 9 polls and politics of deceit, if we may call them, have started to pun out.

Professor Wajackoyah, Kenya’s presidential aspirant, is seeking his candidature for the first time and surprisingly he has garnered massive support from Kenyans especially the youths with his bhang manifesto.

The Roots party candidate George Wajackoyah, 61, has said he will legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes in order to generate revenue. He argues that if Kenyans are allowed to grow bhang for export, they would likely increase money circulation in the economy, claiming that a sack can be sold for $3.2 million.

However, in a different setting, he said that once he enters the State House he will smoke his ‘first’ joint to weed out all evils that are currently in the government.

Azimio-one Kenya coalition on realizing that they may be forced to a re-run has also said they will legalize bhang for medicinal purposes should they be voted in.

Surprisingly enough, Wajackoyah has not commented on Azimio borrowing his bhang growing ideas further alluding to the rumours doing rounds on social media that he might be a state project.

Out of the 4 presidential candidates, who do you think will fall through with their plans once elected in office?

Meanwhile, here are stories making headlines in Opera News today;

Frank Obegi’s Mother Says Son Asked Her for KSh 70 Days Before Disappearing 

The family of Frank Obegi, one of the four men who was found brutally murdered, has refuted claims that he had lots of money.

They insisted that he was raised well and was not involved in online fraud, unlike reports doing rounds online.

According to Obegi’s mother, Beatrice Nyanchama, he had asked her for a small amount of money days before going missing, but she did not have it.

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Uhuru Finally Decides to Tour Ruto’s Region, His Plan Emerges

President Uhuru Kenyatta is next week expected to tour the northern part of the Rift Valley region, after years of avoiding the area as a result of his political enmity with his embattled deputy William Ruto.

The two leaders, though elected together in 2013 and reelected in 2017, have not been on good terms after Uhuru dropped Ruto as his preferred successor and picked his main rival Raila Odinga for the job.

Consequently, he has been under attack from Ruto’s allies, most of them being from the North Rift region, where the DP also personally comes from. Uhuru, however, is expected there next week.

The Star reports that the Head of State will preside over the passing out parade at Moi Barracks Recruits Training College in Eldoret on June 29, and proceed to inspect projects launched under his rule.

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Kenyans Told Why UDA Partners May Find It Hard To Get Their Bargain

When exposed, leopard spots are easy to spot. Days before a video surfaced showing the former DO inviting the DP to visit Sagana State Lodge and invite people for a “Mchele na kanyama” (rice and meat feast), William Ruto had chosen Rigathi Gachagua as his running mate. They identified the Mathira lawmaker. Nyayo’s regime built support by having officials from all levels of society visit the State House.

The central government, a holdover from colonial times, was heavily dependent on the individual provinces. Those in authority pushed absolute power as if they were the President’s feet. To adapt to a more liberal Constitution that includes devolution and the Bill of Rights, which promotes citizen empowerment and inclusivity, Gachagua and his colleagues had a hard time getting over their hangovers.

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