Half of Uhuru’s Cabinet Could be Headed Home After New Details Emerge; Prepare to Live With Children at Home as Plan to End Boardings is Revealed & MPs Give CS one Month to Explain Kenyans’ Deaths in Saudi

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Have you checked the price of cooking oil lately?

If not, prepare to part with at least sh700 for 3 liters of vegetable oil, and this is on the lower end.

For highly-rated brands such as Fresh Fri, depending on where you are shopping, the product is retailing at around sh770 to sh800.

This represents a close to 100 per cent price jump, as the same brand was going for around sh450 in 2020.

The big question is, when will we get an economic reprieve in this country? We might be quick to blame President Uhuru Kenyatta for the unbearable cost of living in Kenya, but will we ever get a leader capable of fixing the damage?

Sadly, this is now spilling over into the service sector, with learning institutions such as the University of Nairobi opting to double the cost of some educational programs to balance their books.

How long do you think it will be, before we start feeling the pinch in our health system?

Ahead of 2022, perhaps it is time politicians stopped promising us poverty eradication, a promise that has been made since Independence and start talking to us about how they plan to restore economic normalcy.

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Half of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Cabinet Could be Headed Home After These Details Emerge

President Uhuru Kenyatta leading a cabinet secretaries meeting. Pastors have asked BBI team to include the [Photo, Courtesy]
President Uhuru Kenyatta leading a cabinet secretaries meeting.
It has emerged that half of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s cabinet members could be headed home this February.

According to The Standard newspaper, most of the current Cabinet Secretaries are interested in elective positions and this will force them to quit government least six months to elections.

“Apart from the CSs, there are the Chief Administrative Secretaries (CAS), most of whom were picked by President Kenyatta after losing their seats in the 2017 elections. Those eyeing political seats must also exit office by February. Of the 35 CASs, about 28 are former politicians.”the Standard newspaper.

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Prepare to Live With Your Children at Home as Plan  to End School Boarding is Revealed

CS George Magoha when he released the KCPE results in Nairobi on April 15, 2021 Image: Douglas Okiddy

The government through the Ministry of Education is planning to do away with boarding schools in the country as a way of reducing unnecessary expenses and making learning more affordable for parents.

As one way of making sure parents affords to offer their children quality education, the government is considering abolishing school boarding for learners in primary and the proposed junior secondary schools under the Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC).

In other words, only students from forms two to four will be allowed to attend boarding schools.

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MPs give Chelugui one month to explain Kenyans deaths in Saudi

Kenyan Parliament

MPs have given Labour CS Simon Chelugui a month to submit to Parliament a report detailing the number of Kenyans who have lost their lives in Saudi Arabia over the last five years.

This even as senators mull tightening labour migration laws to make recruitment transparent and protect Kenyans seeking jobs abroad.

The Senate Labour Committee pointed out a lacuna in law that has made it easy for recruitment agencies to ferry Kenyans aboard, sometimes without the knowledge of the government, thus subjecting them to manhandling.

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Do you think President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big Four Agenda was a realistic 5-year objective?

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