3 Deaths That Shocked the Country & 4 Other Hot Stories This Week

It is the second Saturday of the last month of the year.

For most, if not many, it has been a week of a rollercoaster of emotions.

If you have ever been to the carnival park and on one of the mechanisms, you will notice that the ride eventually comes to an end.

As you ponder on what the year has been like, we look at the stories that have captivated in the past seven days:

Nairobi Mass Exodus

Kenyans in huge numbers seized on the opportunity to hurriedly leave the city for the rural areas.

Car stuck in traffic in Nairobi

The reason behind the move came after speculations of an impending lockdown surfaced.

The early exit from the capital by citizens caught the attention of the Cabinet which was reported to have further, urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to put a lockdown as soon as possible.

Uhuru Trolls Sonko

Uhuru took a jibe at the now impeached Governor Mike Sonko during a public function.

Governor Mike Sonko

Speaking during the launch of the Kenya na Mimi initiative, the president trolled Sonko by comparing his record to that of the NMS.

According to the Head of State, the Mohamed Badi led organisation had achieved a lot of things in the last eight months since the takeover.

Lugulu Girls Highschool Rape Saga

Students from Lugulu Girls High School in Bungoma County took to the streets in protest of one of their own being raped.

Lugulu High School students during a past function

The irritated students marched from their school to a nearby police station baying for the blood of the person behind the heinous act.

Reports indicated that one of their colleagues was defiled while taking a bath in the morning.

However, a new twist emerged whereby it was claimed that the girls were the ones raping each other.

Dr Mogusu’s Death 

The death of a doctor named Stephen Mogusu left Kenyans scratching their heads.

The late Dr Stephen Mogusu

Information surfaced that the 28-year-old doctor had survived five months without a salary and had no medical insurance.

The painful part of the story was that Mogusu succumbed to Covid-19 complications hours after the KMPDU had appealed for help to have his bills cleared.

Ruto Stands With Health Workers

Deputy President William Ruto waded into the matter pitting Health workers and the government over their pay.

Ruto broke his silence and ridiculed the people telling doctors and nurses to wait for the political temperatures to cool down so that their matter could be addressed.

William Ruto
Deputy President William Ruto during a past public address

The DP had taken a swipe at ODM leader Raila Odinga who had stated that there was no money to have the demands by the health professionals met.

He insisted that the plight of the health workers should be of the highest priority above other things during the pandemic.

Machakos Senator Boniface Kabaka Passes Away 

The country was left in a sombre mood after the announcement of the death of Machakos Senator Boniface Kabaka.

The late Machakos Senator Boniface Kabaka

The politician died a few days after being rushed to hospital in a critical condition after falling sick in the presence of another woman.

Speculations had first indicated that the popular leader had taken Viagra which backfired on him.

The family and other leaders, nevertheless, put the rumours to bed when they confirmed that the vocal politician had a persistent blood clot that eventually took his life.

2017 Presidential Candidate Joe Nyaga Dies

Hours after the announcement of the death of Senator Kabaka, ex-presidential candidate Joe Nyaga was announced dead.

Ex-Minister Joe Nyagah during a past interview

Reports pointed out that the former minister during Kibaki’s reign had passed away from Covid-19 complications.

Details of when and how long he had the virus are yet to be disclosed.

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