I Paid Azziad – Femi One Addresses Controversy Over ‘Utawezana’ Challenge

Femi One Addresses Controversy Over ‘Utawezana’ Challenge (Instagram)

The last few days have seen a squabble on social media over the viral ‘Utawezana’ song.

When Femi One celebrated clocking 5 Million views on YouTube, critics were quick to inform her that were it not for Azziad the song would have been a flop. In her defence, Femi One disclosed that the success of the song was a team effort given the good work of the producers, artistes and fans who participated in the ‘Utawezana’ challenge.

“The song was already trending on TikTok and that is why she did the challenge because she came across it,” responded Femi One.


Fans were also quick to tell Femi that she should pay Azziad for making the song viral. Femi has now disclosed that she paid the beautiful dancer.

“Watu wakisema nimlipe it means nitahave kulipa kila mtu aliyefanya that challenge. Watu wanaongea tu. Watu wanaongea tu hawajui if tulimappreciate or not, unaona yeye haongei sababu anajua what we did. On my Instagram nasemanga kila saa success ya hii song ilikuwa collective effort, sijawahi kujipiga kifua kusema kuwa ni effort yangu pekee. So sijui watu wanataka nimbebe juu juu,” she said during a phone call with Uhondo na Milele.


Femi also revealed that the reason she didn’t reveal that she had paid Azziad was that she didn’t know that the payment issue would have been such a big deal.

“Honestly sikuona ikiwa big deal because alifanya challenge kama everybody else. So tukimpongeza sikuona haja ya kuweka social media sababu sikuono kama ni big deal,” Femi added.

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