I Have 4 Boyfriends – Diamond’s Ex Says

Diamond’s exes Wema and Wolper (Instagram)

Diamond’s ex Jacqueline Wolper is a subscriber to one of the most controversial topics in dating, dating multiple men.

While most people frown upon it, relationship experts say that this method of dating increases your chances of meeting mister right. This is because you have more options to choose from and you weed out the characters you don’t like.

“Nina wapenzi kama wanne. Naangalia tabia zao atakae kuwa amenyooka nitabaki na mmoja, (Translation: I am currently dating four men. If one of them acts right I will dump the rest for him) ,” she said during an interview with EATV.

I Have 4 Boyfriends – Wolper (Instagram)

Wolper also addressed claims that she sponsors a Singeli musician named Meja Kunta.

The fashion designer revealed that she can spoil a man but taking care of him like a mother is something she will not do.

“Meja Kunta yule msanii wa Singeli? Si anafanya kazi yule? Namweka aje mjini? Unajua sinanga pendo ya kulea mwanaume, sina. Naweza nikaspoil mwanaume lakini siwezi kumweka mjini mwanaume. Sijawai. (Meja Kunta the Singeli musician? Doesn’t he have a job? How can I host him in the city? I don’t like raising men, I can spoil a man but not take care of him financially. I have never done that),” Wolper revealed.

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