Govt Considering a 3 PM Curfew in Nairobi CBD, Babu Owino Defies PS Kipsang’s Warning Over KCSE Revision & Why You’ll Pay More for Gas, Unga, Milk in July

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Remember back in March, when everyone thought that the coronavirus pandemic was just a passing cloud, and everything would return to normalcy in like a few weeks?

Well, here we are, three months later, still making future plans in the name of ”after corona.”

Logically, it is time to accept that things will never go back to normal, so whatever plans you may have been postponing; a hot date maybe or a home upgrade, get on with it, as long as it does not involve traveling to banned areas of course.

Speaking of banned, there must be an illegal substance in the water that Kenyans drink, because their sense of humor is out of this world.

So, Mutahi Kagwe, the CS for Health, recently sent a warning to persons slyly going on drinking sprees at restaurants in the name of grabbing a meal, and now, there is a new type of food order: the MK.

If you are a waiter or a waitress, and a client orders the MK, do not be tempted to serve him/her mchele and kamande.

What they really want is the Mutahi Kagwe package, that is, one sausage and two beers.

Will any Kenyan ever make it to heaven?

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Babu Owino Defies Kipsang’s Warning Over KCSE Revision

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino

Because he has never been one to follow rules or be told what to do, Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has hit back at Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang over his online revision classes.

The PS on Thursday warned that anybody who has been teaching students without being qualified is undertaking an illegality. “…and so is anyone circulating e-learning information that is not approved by KICD,” Kipsang said during the National Assembly Education Committee sittings.

But Babu Owino, who made headlines last week when he made light work of high school Mathematics, has vowed to proceed with the online KCSE revision classes.

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Government considering a 3 pm curfew in Nairobi CBD to stop people from going back to work

A street in Eastleigh, Nairobi

The government is considering extending the curfew within Nairobi Central Business District to start at 3 pm in a couple of weeks’ time.

This is after activities within the Nairobi’s CBD started going back to routine with many businesses starting to operate at full capacity.

The move is meant to stop the spread of coronavirus which has left 26 people dead.

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Why you’ll pay more for gas, bread, unga, milk in July

Prices of LPG gas set to increase in tax changes proposed in Finance Bill 2020.

A proposal to move some basic commodities from the zero-rated to the tax-exempt category will make Kenyans pay more for them.

Commodities whose prices will shoot up based on this proposal include maize and wheat flour.

Also to be affected by price increases based on other tax measures are milk, eggs and cooking gas.

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A lot has changed in the way we do things on a daily basis since coronavirus got to Kenya. Top of the list is boosted standards of hygiene which have in turn lowered the spread of diseases associated with poor hygiene. Do you think once the coronavirus scourge is gone, activities such as handwashing and regular disinfection of surfaces should remain compulsory? 

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