7 Tips to Save Long-distance Relationship During Lockdown Period

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COVID-19 pandemic has affected relationships following patrial lockdown where individuals are restricted from traveling in and out of some counties.

If one of the partners was locked in one of these counties, that means the relationship has become a long-distance relationship something which they were not used to since they would visit each other regularly.

This may lead to separations but considering the following tips, the relationship can till continue blazing.

Face Time

I Draw What It's Like To Be In A Long Distance Relationship

If you can’t be with each other, see each other. There are several options like Google Hangouts, Skype, and WhatsApp video calls. Being able to share a smile, a goofy wink, blowing kisses, or just to stare in each other’s eyes can not be understated.

Phone Time

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If you can’t be with each other or see each other, talk as often as possible. Just hearing the other person’s voice can do wonderful things to your psyche.


You will need a lot of this, and it’s going to have to go both ways.


Always moping around, trying to find the time to get your stuff done and still spend some quality camera time together. All the stress and pressure. You do realize it’s tough on your significant other too. Sometimes, you just need to shut up and let your love vent their frustrations. Don’t judge. Don’t make it personal. Just listen and understand.

Don’t turn off your emotions

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It sure seems easier to shut down and not be nag your partner, but it’s not. Don’t do it.


Keep those lines of communication open and express yourself and your feelings.

Love, unconditionally

Easy to say, harder to do. Relationships can be hard enough, long-distance relationships even harder. Don’t fill it up with a bunch of ifs ands or buts. Just love.

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