Looks Like You Work in a Museum! Khaligraph’s Workout Video Goes Wrong

Lockdown has come with different effects on people’s lives. Since one of the measures to deal with COVID 19 is maintaining social distancing, gyms are now are no go zone.

This has made most of the gym addicts to invent their own gyms at home. Musician Khaligrapgh Jones aka OG has been sharing his daily work out sessions at home.

Through his Instastories, he shared a clip of him working ut but it was not received well since most of his fans felt that the many tattoos on his body look awful on him.

Check out the reactions below.

Monicah Njeri Music check ✔buh nigga too much Tattoos,, looks like you work in a museum,,Prince Denis Kagimu Why does he look like someone spilled oil on him….I u ain’t brown please save us nightmares,leave tattoos alone

Charity Bailey I dnt know but the tattoos piss me off🤣 I like him as an artist but those tats though..its abit …😕😕

Jimmy Wa Njoki Hiyo shoulder workout very poor 🤔

Bensol Babake Wambo Bitter truth is that ladies just love these beast guys for show off but behind closed doors, wanataka wale wakonde wanakaa zana za Vita🤣🤣

Brian Lasters OG Good body but too much Tattoo

Ngeno Brian Why spend all your life looking lie a mechanic

Joakim Kim Kwani Huyu anafanya garage ama hiyo sio black oil??🤔🤔🤔

Sammy Sam Nini husumbua OG lakini??

Pamela Gatwiri Are you sure mtoi wako hakuogopi na hizo tats

Peter Kinyua Kiarie Black skin and tattoo don’t rhyme . If it is as a result of hitting gym it’s ok but if it’s steroids be ready for adverse side effects

Frank Jada Chakula kwake nikingi don’t try this with a 1/4 meal

Alêxly Veècious Rookiè Thats suppose to be a #workout?🤔 That aint even a #workin…. The only thing that he is doing right there,,, is looking #stupid like he’s preparing a #FART😝😅😅😅😅

Reageey Wuod Barry Mimi venye si mwili hivi ata upepo ikikuja inabidi niweke mawe kwa mfuko dem aliniambia niende gym ndio nijenge mwili nikasema heri tuachane🙌🙌 alafu nifanane na kabati ya wall unit kama OG🙉🙉

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