Vera Sidika Forced To Apologize After Disappointing Fans During Her Debut SinCity Show

Celebrities on social media have been doing the most to keep their fans entertained and not even the socialites have been left out. Businesswoman and socialite Vera Sidika had promised her fans an epic virtual show that she would be hosting on Tuesdays and Fridays. She was however forced to apologize after her debut show flopped.

Taking to her Instagram page, Vera cited technical issues and overwhelming requests as the reasons why the show did not go as she had planned.

According to her, her Instagram live crashed and she did not get to host some of her girls who were lined up to light up the night with exceptional performances.

“ IG live crashed & the show didn’t happen  I’m so pissed. I had my big Booty girls set aside for tonight & due to overwhelming requests & comments couldn’t get them to come in Show didn’t happen” she wrote in her post

The curvaceous queen also promised to fix the issues and thanked fans who streamed during the show.

“I’ll fix this soon I promise 🥰 Apologies for any inconveniences caused. I appreciate y’all for tuning in tonight” she said

Before issuing the apology, fans had complained that Vera Sidika’s show was boring and others went further to compare it with Xtian Dela’s steamy show which they praised for being the best.

Check out some of the reactions

zeezka_Usikuje kutuonyesha sura next time jw hyo sura tumechoka nayoo

becky_queen_bee It’s okay shikweks we get it 💯💯 let’s hope the next sincirry will be liit 🔥 with no glitches

f_l_a_n_k_e_rWewe uko na bahati tulikuwa tumeboeka

khalil_y0Enda tuition kwa Xtian

iris_bree_amohWe ni fake kila kitu@queenveebosset

_kidest_the_rich._you didnt twerk for us


martinmuyaLakini umekuwa disappointment imebreak sana

moddylampaa89Na vile tumekesha tukisubiri km dawa ya Corona



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