‘There Are No Sanitizers Or Masks!’ Eko Dydda Reveals Conditions In Quarantine


Kenyan gospel artist Eko Dydda has revealed the current state and condition of the quarantine facility at which he is being held days after he was arrested.

Speaking in a video the artist revealed that there were no sanitizers or even face masks provided for them even though they pay 2000 Kenyans shillings per day.

“Huku hivi hakuna sanitizers, hakuna mask za mapua. Thank God kuna makarao wapoa, mmoja amenipatia hii yake ya kusanitize.” He stated

He also lamented on the cost saying that not everyone can afford it since some of the people in quarantine come from very humble backgrounds.

According to him, he thought that the amount they all pay will cater for the essential items such as masks and sanitizers which are among the listed protective gears to prevent COVID-19 infections.

“I thought hio 2K tunalipa per day I guess inasimamia kukua na  hizi vitu kama sanitizers, hio cover ya mapua na mdomo… but here we are…hio face mask zero. Kuna gava mmoja ameniprovidia moja” he said

Despite his concern over the current situation in quarantine and the fact that there might be loopholes in how the government is running the facilities; he urged Kenyans to show love regardless the circumstances.

“Hata tukizusha ama tukisema whatever tunasema mi naweza sema show love to them. Love is the answer.” He said

As part of his message, the singer gave thanks to everyone who reached out and supported him ever since the incident of his arrest. He also admitted that he feels stronger compared to the first day when all he did was question why he got into such a situation.

He also warned Kenyans to observe the curfew regulations to avoid ending up being in a situation similar to his.

His trouble ensued after he was arrested on the night of Saturday, April 18th on his way home from picking his wife’s medicine.



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