Kate Actress Fiercely Defends President Uhuru After Backlash From Kenyans

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President Uhuru Kenyatta’s latest directive to allocate Ksh. 100 million to the arts and entertainment industry and distribute it to entertainers has been negatively received by many Kenyans.

While Artists and Musicians are finally celebrating at the win, Kenyans have expressed their dissatisfaction stating that it is the wrong move considering the corona pandemic is eating into the economy.

Many Kenyans took to comedian Sleepy David’s Instagram page among other Kenyan artists pages to express their concerns as they attempted to celebrate.

Popular actress Catherine Kamau has come out to defend the president’s directive stating that there are many struggling entertainers who need the money.

Taking to her Instagram page, the mother of two wrote this post in defence of entertainers and the president.

“Why is there so much bile about this ? Please make me understand. I know so many artistes who are almost sleeping hungry or houses closed because of this pandemic, yet still you turn on your radio or tv and they put a smile on your face 😔! AMA labda wewe si wa locals (as the bourgeoisie say ) Mimi Niko Sawa and I thank God and will continue to Entertain , but najua wengi wanahitaji this help . Let’s be human. Thank you my president @ukenyatta God bless you,” she wrote expressly.

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