Diana Marua Exposed for Stealing Designer Bags

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Diana Marua, wife to gospel musician Bahati, has been exposed for stealing designer bags from her friend.

The lady exposed her through the chit chat Facebook group and some screenshots on their conversation were also shared by blogger Edgar Obare.

Edgar took the chance and reached out to Diana for confirmation of the same since he said that he cannot belive whether the stealing saga is true without receipts. Diana is yet to respond.

This is not the first time Diana is being exposed for stealing since in the past, she had been exposed for requesting goods to be delivered to her but failed to pay.

Kenyans didn’t take this lightly as they went ahead to roast her for lowering her dignity.


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0:33 Shosho rudisha vitu za wenyewe. Wewe na bwanako mmekuwa na scandals mob sana nowadays sijui mnatrain kuwa majambazi au nini

Shiko Mumbi0:43 Roga yeye nunu iende kwa kisogo she should be an example to other celebrity thieves

Sally Neema2:04 Aint suprised ata!Diana hukaa tu madharau.Ebu DM Edgar obare on IG,might help

Nyaikamba Jhenelle0:00 Shame on you Diana..siku moja atakosea ule mbaya

Angeline Njeri0:00 Please take an ob
Tupatane pale buyer beware
I can’t wait for this

Emily W. Lenox6:29 Diana is just too much! Amepita Betty Kyallo na drama

Keheart Mahmood Lushizle0:00 These Celebrities is Trash Darling 😭😭 Pole sana but deal with the bitch traditionally.. Ambiana asiende Choo for 2 weeks Kielew3ke 🤣🤣🤣 Soo Wrong i feel you

Lucy Kimani0:00 Sheeeeeeeemmmmmm on you Diana, peana vitu za watu….. Acha wizi mdogo wewe, kumbe wangara na za kuiba, Deal with her anyhow.

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