‘Why Itumbi’s Sacking Should be Celebrated’

The sacking of Dennis Itumbi as Statehouse Secretary Digital on his birthday, on Wednesday, might have been the saddest thing yet in his life.

Former Statehouse Secretary Digital, Dennis Itumbi.

For the man who had terrorised anyone who dared to smear the image of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto on Social media, being sent packing was least expected.

But even as many of his friends joined hands in giving him a morale boost in the wake of such bad news, others celebrated the sacking.

Professor Makau Mutual took to his social media account to comment on the news saying time was nigh for the digital guru to be sent packing.

According to Makau Mutua, while responding to former Presidential candidate Matha Karua, Itumbi had unleashed terror to various individuals adding that his sacking was an impressive payback.

“Martha, you are aware the terror/harassment/false charges that @OleItumbi unleashed on civil society — @thekhrc included — and individual activists over the ICC cases at the height of his power in the inner sanctum of the state. We don’t regret he’s been handed his own ass,” he tweeted.

On the other hand, City Lawyer Donald Kipkorir also expressed his satisfaction over the sacking saying Itumbi deserves no mercy.

“Dennis Itumbi isn’t worth defending … Across time, there have been moments when you toast on the fall of tyrants, despots, thieves, scoundrels & charlatans… Itumbi was the worst of a public servant … He was lower than the pigs he has gone to keep. I toast to his downfall,” tweeted Lawyer Kipkorir.

Nevertheless, Tanga Taga leaders allied to DP Ruto expressed their dissatisfaction in Itumbi’s sacking.

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi launched a scathing attack at Statehouse advisors labelling them as fools and faulting them for Itumbi’s sack.

On his part, Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot tweeted: “@OleItumbi. Congratulations on earning another star on your shoulder. The hustler nation will never forget this sacrifice. They will soon know it’s not the office that maketh the man. No more hand breaks to worry about. Twende Kazi.”

Itumbi was sacked alongside James Kinyua, Erick Ng’eno and David Nzioka.

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