Makau Mutua Roasted Over Controversial Remarks on Corona Virus Prayer Day

A day after President Uhuru Kenyatta announced the country had set aside Saturday 21st as the national Prayer day for the dreaded coronavirus pandemic, US-based lawyer Makau Mutua has found himself on the receiving end after dismissing the president’s remarks.

Through his Tweeter account on Tuesday evening, the outspoken lawyer dismissed the prayers saying it was just a waste of time and that the country should turn to science instead.

While arguing that the call for a National Prayer Day as one way of combating the disease was unwarranted, the vocal lawyer warned the disease could wipe out human beings from the earth if is not combated early enough.

President Uhuru Kenyatta recently when he addressed the nation on the Corona Virus Pandemic. Photo/Courtesy

He argued that prayers were just superstitions and a naive way of combating a deadly pandemic that is threatening to wipe out the existence of humanity.

“PRAYERS won’t help Kenya combat the coronavirus PANDEMIC. Let’s stop this SUPERSTITION and return to SCIENCE. This PRIMORDIALISM and NAÏVETÉ could WIPE us off the face of the map,” stated Makau Mutua.

His remarks, however, didn’t go well with the netizens who took to their social media to condemn the lawyer.

Many told off the professor while reminding him that only God had the ability to deliver the world from the escalating pandemic.

“Don’t downplay God, He is able to do exceedingly above what you or nyone could think or imagine. He should be the first and only stop. This is one pandemic thats gonna prove the phrase ‘Were it not God..” retweeted one user.

Grace Kiama Wish you well in your stay in US. Prayer is and have bn our tool all through. We’ve won many battles on knees. You saw our able President kneel during inauguration so this is our fashion and being prayerful doesn’t mean we don’t apply science. Prayers +science leads to victory. KENYA NI YA MUNGU. UHURU IS RIGHT.

However, others conquered with the lawyer, arguing prayers were not important at the moment and that the president should instead concentrate on physical ways to protect the further spread of the virus.

Jerkeivs Mulinge I don’t see the cause of criticizing mutua’s opinion because the constitution guarantees every citizen a right to express themselves as well as their short I mean u won’t be a reckless human and expect God to protect you from the consequences of your recklessness ..try that you’ll find out that mbagathi has a bigger space to lock u up than u ever thought … meanwhile pray in your mask and sanitizers in hand

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