Tanga-Tanga Blogger Accuses KTN Presenter Tony Gachoka of Grabbing Her Boobs

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A popular blogger cum Ruto supporter has come out to accuse KTN presenter Tony Gachoka of allegedly grabbing her boobs.

The blogger known as Sharon Nduta took to her twitter page a few hours ago to hang the presenter’s dirty laundry out in public.

According to her, Tony doesn’t pay his influencers and is just a con artist. She even exposed screenshots from their WhatsApp conversations.



She revealed that Tony is allegedly difficult to work with and lacks professionalism. According to her, the presenter tried to grab her boobs while they were at his house.

“Working with Tony Gachoka is difficult. He is constantly on liquor and excited. Has no respect for professionalism and privacy. He tried to grab my boobs at his house in presence of @iamlegitdaily  and  @_mmJosh  . My wozzap is full of silly pictures of small things. Ill EXPOSE SOON,” wrote Sharon Nduta. 


She even went ahead to post a picture of the two on the day looking cosy and holding a bottle of liquor, all smiles. Check out the photo below:


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