Hawachelewi! Kamba Musician Excites Kenyans with New ‘Corona Virus’ Song

Kenyans never disappoint when it comes to creating songs based on trending topics.

Today, the Kamba’s haven’t disappointed as one of their own has released a track based on the deadly corona virus.

The controversial new Kamba song titled ‘Corona virus'(Kolona) was released by DannyP Mboka on March 5, 2020, on his Youtube channel.

The song starts with the musician singing, “Corona Virus, shindwe kabisa!”

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It has the distinct fast beats and rhythm that are commonly identified to emerge from the Eastern region of Kenya.

“Ooh tunalia sana, kwa sababu ya Corona. Virus mbaya sana, ambayo haina dawa,” goes part of the chorus.

The video of the song even has some people wearing masks to properly dramatize the song.

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It has made rounds online with netizens congratulating them for living up to the Kamba name and reputation.

Milkah Charles njoo huku usikize colona,, our kambas don’t disappoint,” Loyceline Nyake said.

Omega Omegah added, “Vailas atali kolona!”

“My kinsmen don’t disappoint,” Eunice Dan noted.

“Song ya locust Sasa ikam,” Monica Hill urged. 

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Wakamba vile mmenyamaza mnadhani hatujui mko studio mkiimba "kolona Failaz".'

Check out the song below:

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