Ben Pol Speaks on Unfollowing Anerlisa Muigai Amid Breakup Rumors

Anerlisa and Ben Pol (Instagram)

Ben Pol and Anerlisa Muigai have had a very public relationship and no high or low in their relationship goes undetected.

Since their behaviour on social media is heavily monitored, there were rumours that it was over for the two because Ben didn’t comment on Anerlisa’s profile as often as he used to.

“Zamani Ben angesha comment. My wifey siku hizi analike tu. Ben tunakuzoom,” read a comment from prettydragons.

Displeased with the accusations, Anerlisa shut down the rumour mill by calling the speculations  ‘nonsense’.

“So you want him to comment and prove to people that he still loves me, nonsense. People like you are the ones who make people keep their relationships out of the public eye because you think you know everything about them,” responded Anerlisa.

Anerlisa and Ben Pol (Instagram)

The Pols had barely recovered from this when breakup rumours started flying around once again because Ben Pol had allegedly unfollowed Anerlisa.

Ben has now come to clear the air in regards to this by saying that he took a break from social media to decompress.

Anerlisa and Ben Pol (Instagram)

To do this effectively, he deactivated his Insta account and so it looked like he had unfollowed his wife-to-be.

“Aner and I have never broken up. What happened was I had deactivated my Instagram account. I deactivated it because I got tired of being Ben Pol the celebrity and just wanted to be Bernard. I went home to my mother to relax and spend time with my child. Sometimes you want that simple vibe and visit your relatives. I deactivated my Instagram and people thought that we had unfollowed each other leading to rumours that we had broken up. We were chatting offline and we wondered why this story blew up as it did. People were really happy about it and it was really shocking,” Ben told Sam Misago TV.

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