Femi One and Fena Gitu take Rap Fashion to Another Level! Who Wears it Best?

Fena Gitu and Femi One are among the top female rappers in Kenya.

Fena Gitu started her music career back in 2008 whereby she won a singing competition, the Fête de la Musique at Alliance Française, Nairobi. It flagged off her career and has never looked back ever since. She is known for her hits, Doing her thing tho, Steam, Sema Ng’we, Monday Blues, Siri, Work, just to mention a few.

One thing that stands out is her sense of style. She is the kind of woman that loves tomboy fashion. You actually may be confused a little bit and wonder if she is a chap! But she ain’t.

Not many ladies can pull her tomboy look but if you have been aspiring to, don’t worry you will get served with some of her hot looks. One rule you need to know when it comes to pairing tomboy pieces is to strive to mix masculine pieces with feminine ones. You don’t want everyone thinking you are a man and you own a vagina.

Here are some of her best looks;






Femi One came to the limelight after been featured in King Kaka’s song, ‘Ligi Soo‘. She has been blessed with amazing rapping skills that you just want to listen to all day.

Some of her songs include; pilau njeri, baddest, brikicho, tippy-toe, moto, tembe, just to mention a  few.

Her sense of style is over the moon! It’s trendy, vibrant, sexy with a touch of tomboy. She also loves breaking fashion rules which are not for everybody but for fashion lovers.

Here are some of her best looks;







Who do you think dresses best?

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