Tension as City Police Gun Down Suspected Gangsters

Mombasa County has been rocked with tension after police officers managed to neutralize two suspected gangsters in Mishomoroni.

In the fracas, three other suspected gangsters were lynched by irate members of the public.

Police in Mombasa bundle the body of a suspected gangster into a police truck. PHOTO: Courtesy

Kisauni Police boss Julius Kiragu has noted the mushrooming gang activity that has resulted in the arrest of at least 25 suspected gang members.

The deadly Mombasa gangs have wreaked havoc in the surrounding sprawling suburbs, with the emergence of a new gang named 86 Batallion being the latest.

They are normally comprised of young men armed with crude weapons and machetes, who kill their targets with the slightest of provocation.

The gangs have also increased their activity in Likoni and Kisauni constituencies, often extorting residents and traders.

Failure to comply with their demands results in life-threatening bodily harm or fatalities.


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