The Highest Boosted Odds in the Market

Bettors can now enjoy more winnings after the introduction of boosted odds on all major leagues by Betika.

The firm has introduced boosted odds on all major leagues and games, making their odds the highest in the gaming industry.

This will be great news for punters who compare odds across the different platforms in a bid to get more value for money staked.

 Odds determine the multiplying factor for the amount placed on a bet, thus determining how much the bettor will win.

A difference of 0.1 in odds could translate into thousands of shillings in winnings, depending on the total number of games played and the amount placed.

Betika is taking advantage of this fact and by offering boosted odds on the most popular leagues, they are making it possible for their customers to win more.

Furthermore, Betika does not have a minimum bet amount limit, which means that punters have the freedom to play with any amount they can afford.

This is welcome news especially during “mwezi corner” when every coin counts.

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