I’m Richer Than Diamond – Ringtone Shouts

Ringtone (Courtesy)

Diamond Platnumz may be pocketing millions from his Kenyan and international concerts but Ringtone still believes that he is the richest musician in East Africa.

In addition, Ringtone believes that Willy Paul who looks up to Diamond is more talented than the Bongo Star.

“Willy Paul is more talented than Diamond. Diamond just learned marketing and he learned how to use socialites to post him and gain followers. When it comes to business Diamond is very good but I’m richer than him. Diamond owns a V8 but I owned a V8 ages ago. I have more than 10 cars in my garage,” Ringtone disclosed on Mambo Mseto.

Ringtone (Courtesy)

The host Mzazi Tuva argued that Diamond owns a TV and radio station but Ringtone snapped back with information that Diamond only owns shares in the station but not the station.

“Diamond only owns shares in radio, how many hotels do I own? I’m the only artiste in Kenya who can tell Diamond to shut up. Diamond doesn’t live where the rich live in Masaki Tanzania, I live where the rich in Kenya live, Karen and Runda,” he said.

Watch the interview below:

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