Khalwale’s Advice to Gideon Moi After Mzee Moi’s Death

Former Kakamega Senator, Boni Khalwale, on Thursday advised Baringo senator Gideon Moi to seek fresh lessons in politics, following the death of his father, former president Daniel Moi.

According to Khalwale, the death of Mzee Moi meant that Gideon had to step down to the level of his fellow politicians, who unlike him, did not enjoy the mentorship of a political giant in their careers.

The former legislator noted that Gideon had a lot to learn about politics, at the ordinary man’s level, and he needed to seek guidance from seasoned politicians.

”Gideon Moi has come to our level now…ask us how we do politics,” Khalwale said while speaking on K24‘s This Morning segment.

”He has some learning to do now that his father is no longer here,” he added.

On Wednesday, Gideon was declared as his father’s political heir, and was gifted a replica of Moi’s infamous ruling Fimbo ya Nyayo, to symbolize his new stature.

This set a passive political battlefield between Gideon, and Deputy President William Ruto, for the stewardship of Rift Valley politics.

On matters Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), the Tangatanga die-hard noted that for the process to yield positive fruits, the ongoing rallies needed to be halted, and Kenyans needed to be accorded time to read the BBI report.

He also proposed that experts should return to the people and collect their views afresh.

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