Why This Moi’s Son Has Been Missing Ever Since His Father Died

The fourth born son of the late Retired President Daniel Moi, John Mark Moi, has been a missing figure ever since his father passed on.

Details of his whereabouts have, however, remained scanty with his absence during Moi’s Memorial service raising eyebrows further.

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Retired President Daniel Moi( seated) and his sons Philip Moi(left), Raymond Moi (Center) and Gideon Moi (Right).

As the family of the late Moi entered Nyayo Stadium, accompanying their father’s body, six of his seven children were the only notable figures and among them Gideon Moi, Philip Moi, Raymond Moi and their three sisters.

During the reading of the scripture, Philip was tasked with the responsibility of reading God’s word as Raymond read Moi’s eulogy.

Baringo Senator, Gideon, on the other hand, paid a glowing tribute to his father.

During the funeral service at late Moi’s home in Kabarak John Mark was not lined as one of the speakers.

When Retired Bishop of African Inland Church(AIC) Silas Yego handed Bibles to Moi’s children as per his wish during the service, John Mark was nowhere to be seen.

According to  Nation, John Mark has been unwell for sometimes perhaps justifying the reason why he has been missing.

Details of his sickness, if so, has remained a closely guarded secret given that his siblings have eulogised their father without giving a clarification on the matter.

The same media house had earlier reported that John Mark together with his wife, Eunice Moi had paid the late Moi a visit at Nairobi Hospital during his final days.

Daniel Moi, Susan, Eunice
Former President Daniel arap Moi’s daughters-in-law Susan (left) and Eunice speak during a service in Kabarak on February 9, 2019

In the reporting, the local daily narrated how John Mark and his wife spent their last moments with their father as said by Eunice.

“He was a mentor, a provider and a great leader to millions in Kenya and beyond our borders; he touched the lives of many,” said Eunice.

“When he shook hands, tears rolled down his cheeks. He tried to open his mouth to say something to us but he was unable (to do so). I could see he was straining to say at least a word to us,” said Eunice.

 “We prayed and he never closed his eyes. At one point, I was so afraid and I thought he had joined his maker. My husband (John Mark) shook his hand and Mzee Moi held the hand tightly and didn’t want to let it go,” said Eunice as quoted by the local daily.

Above all, John Mark is the least known of Moi’s son such that his picture is a rare thing to get.

He was born in 1958 and is said to have had a promising future after securing admission to the prestigious Harvard University.

He is also said to be a government geologist at Kenya ministry of environment and mineral resources.

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