Pandisha Temperature! How Ladies Can Prepare for A Special Night of Valentine’s Day

Ladies, can we not sit around and pretend that we all don’t look forward to the last bit of Valentine’s day. In most instances, an exotic lunch or dinner, fancy outing or any other special activity on this day is normally accompanied by an erotic moment between you and your partner.

Candidly speaking, spending this day with your lover brings about all sorts of emotions and sex at the end of it all is almost inevitable. To successfully end this day on a high note, here are some ways to prepare yourself for this special moment and make it worthwhile for your man.

1.Get a new lingerie.

Let’s not underestimate the power of presentation! Not only will a lingerie keep your man drooling over you but will also get you feeling sexy and in the mood. This will leave both of you intensely wanting each other and you bet it will translate to an awesome lovemaking experience.

2.Clean ‘thee’ cookie

I know what you’re about to say, this is cliché right? Wrong! You’ll be surprised at the number of ladies who still don’t get this so emphasis is well needed. Go for a bikini waxing a day prior, invest in a sweet scented shower gel, Heck! eat pineapples for a week before just ensure your cookie is clean.

This will make him comfortably go down on you and we all know what a good foreplay translates to don’t we?

3.’I bet you’ve not had it like this before’

Sex routine can be great and boring at some point. Since Valentine’s day is a special day, why not do special things on such a day. You have no idea what introducing something new in bed would do for you and your lover.

Read erotic magazines or watch romantic films to learn a thing or two to surprise your man in bed. This will leave both of you having an amazing experience and who knows, maybe increase the number of big ‘O’s!

4.Set the room for romance

The energy you bring to a room dictates how the other person will react to you. To set the sexual mood for you, light up the scented candles, sprinkle roses around the room, spread clean beddings, put up dim coloured lights, I mean go as far as you can to make the room look as romantic as possible.

This different from the norm setting will absolutely turn both of you wild and make your sexual experience memorable.

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