Why Khalwale is Under Fire Over Kakamega Primary Tragedy

Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale on Monday found himself on the receiving end of Kenyans’ wrath after he shared pictures of him at Kakamega General Hospital where victims of a tragedy that happened at Kakamega Primary School were being nursed.

A stampede the ensued at the said school left  14 students dead while 39 others injured.

Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale.

Among those injured, two were under the Intensive Care Unit.

The Former Gubernatorial candidate had taken to social media to issue an update on the incident before social media users placed him on the chopping board accusing him of seeking political mileage through the tragedy.

In his post, Khalwale had written; “tonight at the Kakamega Hospital. 19 pupils now dead. 2 in ICU. Giving a helping hand.”

The majority of Kenyans castigated the Former Senator accusing him of political sideshows at the expense of the suffering victims.

Josh Oluga, one of his Twitter followers wrote: “That first pic is more of PR…Nurses laughing, giggling instead of attending to the casualties…Omwami why are you like this…My deepest condolences to the bereaved and wish quickest recovery to the injured. Prayers to their families.”

Another Twitter follower of the Former Senator tweeted: “When we are in the sombre and sad state you’re taking pictures to post to get likes?”

His Facebook followers did not spare him either.

Tioko Patrice wrote: “Why do our ‘leaders’ take advantage of such occurrences?? Taking selfies in the presence of people fighting for their lives. Sad.”

On the other, Joseph Wandimi wrote: “wish to remind you and the like of Kenyan leaders like you when in church praying or giving any help kindly desist from taking photos to leave your cameras at home.

“For our, God is able to see in darkness but He rewards openly. My heartfelt condolences to all those who lost their loved ones and a speedy recovery to the injured ones. Though thanks Daktari if you were genuinely offering help but not seeking mileage.”

The massive criticism from his followers prompted him to issue a clarification on Tuesday to clear the air on the matter.

“Sometimes it helps to look for intelligent people around you for an explanation. That ain’t a selfie. We were in ICU examining the patient’s chest x-ray,” wrote Khalwale on his social media accounts.

Nevertheless, his followers could not hear any of it.

Here is some of their reactions:

Duane Kingstone Who allows people like you to go near a patient, I even saw you holding I don’t remember if it was the leg or the hand of the student.

Ishmael Otieno Doc you’d have said: “that’s not a camera, it’s an X-Ray film”. ‘Selfie’ is a verb, the act of taking your own photo via the front camera of a phone. It may also mean the picture taken through such a method.

Ben Patrick We know that Mr. We were just verifying if you’re in your correct state of mind. We were worried since your behavior of late has not been that of a person befitting the title of a DR.Atleast now we see you seem normal ever since you paused from Tangatanga tour.

SandraBernadine Nalyce Koko Whether it’s a selfie or u had your cameraman all our concern was and is what was funny or exciting when the situation kwa ground was heartbreaking nyinyi mwacheka.

Hon Philip Mwangale Wanyama Confused former doctor who can’t hold a simple x-ray in the right way….you are a disappointment to this noble carrier.

Warda Habida People are mourning, mothers are scared for the safety of our kids can you respect that whether it was a selfie or not hio inatusaidia aje.

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