City Pastor Delivers Special Message to DP Ruto. (VIDEO)

A popular pastor has come to the rescue of Deputy President Dr William Ruto in the wake of increased pressure to resign and alleged impeachment plot rocking the DP from all sides.

DP Ruto has come under immense pressure to resign from his position to ‘save face’ but he has chosen to ‘complete the journey with President Kenyatta no matter what.’

Deputy President Dr William Ruto. PHOTO: Courtesy

In a video, the pastor vehemently admonishes DP Ruto against entertaining thoughts about resigning from the Government.

In the footage, the pastor alludes that the relationship between the President and his Deputy is in a downward spiral and that the right decision for Ruto is to stay put.

He then draws from the Biblical story of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, posing the question: “Let he without sin cast the first stone.”

“I decree over your life that what has come to destroy you will make you stronger,” states the pastor amid cheers from his congregants.

Addressing a congregation on Sunday, February, 2, DP Ruto maintained that he remains the President’s principal assistant and that he would continue ‘launching development projects throughout the country.’

This came against the backdrop of a decision by the President to launch projects himself, stating that those he sent had become hyenas who only stalled majority of the projects.

Already, a meeting by the Amani National Congress (ANC) to impeach DP Ruto is slated for Wednesday.

The Deputy President is being accused by the ANC leaders of allegedly plotting to impeach President Kenyatta in a retreat by Tangatanga leaders earlier in January.


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