‘I Can’t Hold My Tears’- Cate Waruguru Leaves Kenyans Moved in her Latest Action

Laikipia Woman representative Cate Waruguru left many Kenyans in awe on Friday after her gesture towards a young girl joining high school.

According to the legislator, she learnt of the young girl’s plight and was saddened by the fact that she could not afford to join Secondary school due to her poor background despite of her having performed exemplary.

“After getting the information that Mary Wangechi, a former pupil of Ol Moran could not join Secondary school due to her background., I felt my hand is needed.” She said.

The legislator added that “getting 384 marks with an environment like that of Ol Moran is a big achievement.
Security, food problem, name them and you get these marks shows she is a brilliant girl.”

In effect of this, she sponsored the young girl throughout the first year of her high school education through her own money.

Kenyans online were happy and perplexed by her kind act and urged to continue doing the same.

“I can’t hold my tears, I know the pain of lacking school fees I have been there before, may God bless you mheshimiwa, ” Adrinnestazy Kamau commented on her Facebook post.

Below are some of the comments.

“This shows your how selfless you’re thanks a million, but on supporting Ruto hatupatani , otherwise continue helping the needy God will reward you in heaven.” Elmard Nunda said.

“This girl will turn out to be someone great in her lifetime.Thank you Hon Waruguru for giving her the chance to shine.”William Benson.

“This simple act of kindness will take you a long way… God bless you mama!”Moses Mwangi.

This comes shortly after flamboyant lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi is planning to give a Nairobi-based watchman KSh 1M to help him and his wife start a business.

In an update on Twitter, the lawyer said he was touched by the fact that the middle-aged man walks 15 kilometres to and from work to catch a paltry Ksh. 12,000-a-month pay check which is barely enough for his wife and two kids.

Now, the lawyer, with the help of his friends and clients has decided to change the guard’s life, saying they will give the man and his wife a KSh.1M business capital to jump-start their lives.

“To pleasantly surprise him and his wife when they come to see me on 15th…from my clients, friends and myself I will give him and his wife Kshs 1 million to start some small Biashara…I know we have millions like him but who said Allah can’t help his servant thru another one?” He added.

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