Haina Malondo! Section of Luhya Community Angered By New Invention Of Cooking Ugali Without Mwiko


A section of Luhya community has today expressed mixed reactions after the discovery of a machine that can be used to prepare Ugali without using a wooden spoon-mwiko.

With Ugali being the most common staple food in the country, people might have thought that many would be receptive and embrace this new invention.

However, the invention has been criticized with some claiming that the end product after the flour mixing might not be the same as when it is prepared by a mwiko.

A Kenyan singer Daddy Owen sparked a huge debate after he mentioned that with such a machine, the Ugali will not have the crusty part- Malondo which Luhyas  enjoy.

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“Ati an invention on how to cook ugali bila Mwiko! First and foremost we don’t need any more inventions when it comes to Ugali..! Secondly cooking ugali is an art! And the Mwiko is the brush! Alafu Sasa hii itawacha Malondo kweli” he wrote in his past

His statement prompted other celebrities like Yvonne Okwara agreed with Daddy Owen’s remarks saying that the crusty part of Ugali is indeed important.

What do you think about this invetion? Check out some of the comments.

Yvonne Okwara-Matole@YvonneOkwara

Hapo kwa malondo. Muhimu Sana! Na vile malondo ndio appetiser!

Fredrick Mirikau@MirikauFredrick

Ugali bila malondo inaleta cancer

Lil’ BigBro™©@Di_Mystro

Tumekataa hiyo. Ugali lazima ipikwe kwa kutumia mkono na mwiko. Kula ugali pia lazima mkulaji atumie mkono, wala si kijiko ama uma. Technology tuwachie computer.

masiza moses@masizamoses

Hio machine iko na aflotoxin

Judith Dora Akolo


Hatuchaulisako mutu atusaitieko kwa kasi yetu ya okhufuka obusuma, kwa hifyo waduwacheko na kasi yetu ya okhufuka obusuma and okhulia obusuma mumulembe. Please.

ken indeche@ken_indecheHiyo ugali haitawai iva… Nefa!

Aggrey Alwala @AlwalaAggreySisi Kama luhyas we are not boarding

Mc Fortune We as luhya nation we will file a motion to disagree on this equipment, we won’t loose our culture

Maggie John The luhya in me has refused

Allan Wa’Ssenah No real and sane luhya can eat ugali cooked like this.

Billy Mishega As a luyha nation , we condemn this invention.

Lynn Michael Chesire Mluhya hawezi kula hiyo



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