I Think I Got My Sister Pregnant- Man Confesses

Incest in some religions and African culture is perceived as a taboo and is highly condemned. Even so, some people have found themselves in an awkward position after engaging in sexual relationships with their relatives.

In the worst scenarios, getting a relative pregnant can be one of the biggest regrets after the act. A city man has reached out for help after suspecting that he got his sister pregnant.

Have a look

So a month ago me and my sister were having s*x cause no one was home. I wanted to see her reaction when I said that I nutted inside of her and she got extremely scared but I said I was just messing around (I was).

We were getting at it and it felt so good and I forgot that it was my sister so I accidentally came inside of her. She didn’t realize so I kept acting. About 3 minutes later I spit on her back and acted as if I came and we were done.

Recently though she has been feeling very tired and has been throwing up. She also has bad headaches. I don’t know what to do should I confess? Help !!!!!

What would you advise him to do?

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