Linda Oguttu Sheds Off Glamorous TV Girl Look for a Tough Life in the Village (Photo)

Linda Oguttu (Courtesy)

It’s Christmas time and in usual Kenyan fashion, many people have headed to the village to hang out with their relatives and feast. This year, Linda Oguttu has not been left behind.

While in Nairobi we often see her in glamorous clothes and makeup however in the village, she sheds off the glitzy TV girl look and persona for a humble look in the village. While some people may shy off from hard work because they are successful, Linda is not scared of getting her hands dirty.

Sharing a photo taken while adding firewood to the fire to fry fish, Linda wrote, “Niskie mtu akisema ati oooh, sijui kupika na kuni…. Ooooh oooh….. Nway, Merry Christmas 😊”

The photo has caused a stir on social media and you can peep some of the reactions below:

Nelson Havi: The fact that smoke is coming your way indicates that you are an amateur.

Festus Ronoh: Merry Christmas Linda, kwa nini sioni chakula kwa moto? Ama nimelewa

Gibons Miller: Mae be in Adier 😂 Chalo photoshop 😂 (Is it real or Photoshop?)

Kenyan Scouse: Unainama tu hivo ukipika ama it’s an added advantage elsewhere too, VAT 😜😜😜

Prince Denno: Aki Lindah si unapenda Kuni😂😂

Cheslin: Now turn and pick that sufuria behind you. Tryna see something about yo cooking skills

Mireri Junior: So Lindah was still looking for kuni and eventually found it. Congrats and Merry Christmas

Ichangai: Feminist ni online tu, kwa ground patriarchy rules. Sasa post picha ukiserve mzae like the King he is. 🤣

Detective Rey: That’s being African woman

Liverpool 001: Linda uko sawa. 2020 we are coming for the formal bride price

Moofaya: Kumbe ocha hakuna slay queen

Dora Akolo: Lindah, the moratorium on cutting trees was extended by the cabinet, hi itabidi uongee mbele. 😃

David Makali: Oh huyo si wewe😂. Hebu pinduka tuone!

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