‘I Don’t Believe in Existence of God’ Famous Mugithi Musician Shouts

Gibson Kioi Wairimu alias Kioi Junior has revealed he is an atheist and he believes neither God nor Satan exist.

Kioi Junior, 30 is a civil engineer and a promising musician and he insists there is no evidence to prove there is God, Satan or Hell.

The musician began singing way back in 2008, and ever since he was 15, doubted the existence of God.

In a heated debate hosted by Gukena Fm, Kioi claims he doesn’t understand the existence of supernatural powers even though he was born and bred in the church.

He claimed Christianity made him an atheist and claims its an imagination dated 2000 BC.

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The Mount Kenya benga musician, however, confessed to singing about God because he needs to entertain his audience. ” I live as if there is no God and  I don’t think people should be lying to themselves. All I need is evidence that either God or Satan exists. Faith is ignorance.”

Kioi junior is member of Global Atheist Republic headquartered in the USA. He is a father of an eight old girl.

Asked about his wife’s faith, Kioi confessed that she is an agnostic, where she believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God.

“It requires reading the Bible with open mind to become an atheist. I read it and decided not to take lies in there. I find atheists genuine than believers, especially in businesses. I made some of my friends become atheists” Kioi added.

Below were some reactions from his interview:

This dude is a Christian Atheist. There are so many like him…it is time we offer answers to them.

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