Comedian Seth Gor Responds After Facing Backlash for Beating Girlfriend Like a Burukenge

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Famous comedian Seth Gor has finally spoken up about allegations posed by his girlfriend that he beat her up to a pulp.

The whole situation went viral after vlogger Edgar Obare asked Seth’s girlfriend of 8 months Shikophyna what had happened.

“Seth beat me up after a slight argument,” she revealed.

According to her testimony, he was arrested at Buruburu police station and released on a Ksh. 20,000 cash bail. Here are screenshots from the confession.



As seen in the girlfriend’s social media, their ‘fight’ left her with a bloody finger that lost a nail.

When Edgar reached out to Seth for a comment, he first said it’s not a big deal.

“My girlfriend and I are cool. Nothing is going on, we had an argument. She hit me her nail broke,” said Seth.


The whole situation, however, blew up and went viral as netizens expressed their outrage.

“The fact remains you beat up a woman bro…. whatever the excuse might have been it will never worth laying a hand on a woman!” Dan Watanga said.

Some, however, joked about the situation maintaining a form of bro code.

“Ati Seth Gor aling’oa dem yake makucha ndio asigwarane huko nje,” said Billy the Goat.

“Na seth gor huku kando ame Conjestina his girlfriend,” said Mukeni Noela.

After being trolled and supported in equal measure, Seth took to his twitter account to clear the air once and for all.
“I don’t have to explain myself. Those who know the real story know it! Run with your narratives for a few retweets,” tweeted Seth.
Seth rose to fame on Instagram with funny skits alongside George Kimani and Sharon Mwangi.


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