Here’s Why Your Girlfriend Loves Havens Lounge So Much and is Always parting There

It’s hard to track every step your lover is taking in Nairobi in this day and age. We all know a lot of relationships have ended because of lack of trust.

I mean, one of the worst things your lover can do to you is to lie about his/her whereabouts. It makes you automatically think they are cheating.

If this happens, don’t panic.

If you can’t trace your woman on a cool Thursday evening then the first place you should head to is Havens Lounge (Formerly Privee) which is located in Westlands.

Ladies love that club and when they go missing or aren’t picking your calls, it’s probably because they are there having the time of their lives.

So here are some reasons why ladies love the club so much and why should too if you haven’t joined the gang.

  1. Company: What else makes your night than a great company of coworkers and friends? It just completes your night.
  2. Great offers: 5 bottles of beers for 1k only in Westlands? That’s one good offer that you can’t miss. Food is readily available too at affordable prices.
  3. Great Music selection: It’s not funny anymore how some DJs can ruin your night with their awful playlists. Thankfully, Havens Lounge took time to pick their DJs and now the music always gives you nothing but energy.
  4. Location: You don’t need to struggle to get to the club. It’s in Westlands Rhapta Road above Dejavu(former Vineyard).
  5. Sports appeal: The clubs has more than enough TV screens and a superb sound system that will make you enjoy every football game.

Visit Havens Lounge this weekend and get a new experience of entertainment that will also convert you into a diehard.

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