Men Take Notes, How To Give Her A Breathtaking CJ

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If you have been wondering what can make your woman reach the big O or how to give her a good head. Just relax and take these notes.

Giving a lady head is commonly known as Cj but before you go down on her, it’s good to ask if she would want it.

Women are different sexually and it’s important to know how to turn her on and make her hit the big O. One way of making a woman climax is by giving her head.

The vagina has clitorises (clits), 2 sets of lips, the g-spot and other pleasure zones loaded inside. It’s very important to take note of that in your quest to satisfy your girl. Don’t concentrate on 1 and ignore the rest.

Here is how to give her mind-blowing head;

1. Start gently. No woman wants a man that will feast on her pussy like a hungry lion, she will not orgasm. It’s a matter of going slow and gentle on her so that she gets stimulated. The most pleasurable places, to begin with, is the vaginal opening and clitoris. Simply thrust your tongue in and out of the two organs.

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2. Kiss and lick her thighs. This will get her in the mood and turn her on. After doing getting busy with her thighs, move to her clitoris and start licking or sucking gently. The speed and pressure you use are what will make her hit the big O. Be keen and observe how she responds.

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3. Use your tongue to tease her. Lightly lick or suck everywhere around the clitoris before you actually lick the clit. Start with the inner thighs, vulva, and lips.

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4. Lick your partner’s vulva. Do it in an upwards motion and lift it from the base lifting from the base of the tongue and gliding upwards along the clitoris.

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5. When focusing on the clitoris, focus on gentle circular movements can feel great. Switch between clockwise and counterclockwise rotations. If your partner is extra sensitive to direct stimulation, lick in circles around the clitoris.

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6. Lay your tongue flat and relaxed at the bottom of your partner’s vulva, then swish with wide licks from the bottom to the very top and above the clitoris.

It can take time to bring your woman to orgasm so don’t give up. Keep trying because practice makes perfect.

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