Tension as Wilson Airport-Bound Plane Reported Missing During Drill

Tension gripped Nairobi city as an aeroplane from Rusinga Island was reported missing from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority radar.

Sources claimed that the flight was ferrying six passengers from the lake region to the city.

Reports further indicated that the plane was expected to land at Wilson Airport at 9.30 am but couldn’t be traced.

Aeroplanes at Wilson Airport

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko even warned motorists and pedestrians to be prepared for an emergency landing.

“An emergency landing being expected at Wilson airport in a few minutes. All motorists and residents around Langata road near the airport be vigilant and alert. Keep safe,” read the post by the governor.

The missing plane was a drill

KCAA, however, reported that the disappearance was a drill.

Through a press statement, the aviation authority pointed out that the exercise was planned and there was no need for panic.

The agency explained that the drill was executed with the aim of testing the preparedness of the State in responding to such a situation.

KCAA Director General Captain Gilbert Kibe highlighted that the drill was the first one of its kind in the country.

“…The exercise being the first of its kind in the region was meticulously planned over a year ago.

“The planning process involved communication and desktop exercises culminating in the full-scale drill with independent evaluators on board.

“The lessons learnt will address any gaps within the search and rescue team system which shall go a long way in ensuring rapid and reliable search and rescue services in Kenya,” noted Kibe.

KCAA Statement over a missing aeroplane

The teams that were part of the plan included the National Police Service, KDF, Kenya Meteorological Department, National Disaster Operations Centre, Ministry of Health, KWS, Kenya Airports Authority and Kenya Airways.

Silverstone planes mishaps

A month ago, Wilson Airport authorities were caught off-guard after a Silverstone flight crash-landed minutes after takeoff.

A series of mishaps followed across the country raising concerns over the safety of the planes by the firm.

Public uproar over the incidents caused the government to take action and ground the Dash 8 fleet from the local air company.

November was marred with several incidents of emergency landing due to things like a burst or missing tyre from the landing gear.

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