Liverpool vs Everton, Undefeated Group First

Liverpool plays Everton on December 4 as the competition in the 15th round of the Premier League continues.

Liverpool boasts of 40 points and sits at the top of the league table, beating its closest rivals, Leicester City, eight points with the possibility of making the championship is clear.

However, the visiting team Everton have managed to only score 14 points, and just lead two points by the Saints which is in relegation zone. The relegation situation is imminent.

Liverpool players celebrate with Joel Matip (hidden) after he scored the second goal during a past match.

So far this season, Liverpool has only lost to Napoli during their away game. However, in the last game, the team’s main goalkeeper Alisson was sent off with a red card and he will be absent when the Reds meet Everton but substitute, Adrian, has proved to be a reliable shot stopper.

The away team, Everton, was a guest at the King Power Stadium in its last game. In the case of Lisarison’s dream start, the team was eventually finally hit by opponents and suffered a two-game losing streak.

The team’s head coach Silva is also at the cusp of the media. And in terms of schedule, the team is set to face five stiff opponents and if they are not able to show excellent performance, Silva’s coaching prospects are worrying.

In terms of the key statistics of this game, Liverpool will naturally become the more supported side. When they make a ball concession, the index is low.

In the face of Everton, which is currently in a poor state, Liverpool is in strength or condition, which both are much higher than their opponents. In terms of statistics, Liverpool are confident that they have a big victory at home. This game will never be too easy for Everton.

In terms of the historical confrontation between the two teams, Liverpool has won 3 times and drew 3 times in the past six encounters and remains unbeaten.

Liverpool’s performance is still quite outstanding when facing Everton. In terms of the injury of the two teams, Liverpool’s Matip, Fabinho and Alisson who was suspended for the red card missed the game, and Everton side Andre Gomez was absent due to injury.

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