VIDEO: Producer Magix Enga Arrested

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On Sunday night,popular Kenyan producer Magix Enga was arrested alongside music promoter Maurice.

The news was first shared on the producer’s Instagram page by his management after they shared a video of how it went down.

As revealed by his management, the two were held by the police at an undisclosed location and they were working on getting more news in order to get in touch with them.

During the arrest, the producer demanded to know the reason for his detention and from the conversation he had with the police officers, it is clear that he was arrested over copyright claims.

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His arrest comes days after his fall out with Harmonize over ‘Uno’ song which he claimed that his beat had been sampled. Despite the fallout, the two artists seemingly ended the beef after  Magix Enga dropped the claims against him.

Judging from the comments a number of Kenyans believe that his arrest is linked to his saga with the former wasafi artist.

wa! Wasafi wamevamia kijana yetu on his own soil,”kenbaromusic  wrote

This video of his arrest has sparked mixed reactions from Kenyans as some seem convinced that it was staged.

“Looks staged but okay 😂😂😂shikwa tu in peace beat king😂,”justluiboy stated

Other users demanded for his release saying that he deserves justice.

Justice for enga,’ official_sniper_bwoy wrote

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kenmakomere Sasa shida hausemi umeshikwa kwa nini ???ama Ni beats za yemi alade??

maxwelnyarige Free magix enga🙌

slumberland.mp4 Hawa mapolisi hawafuati protocol ya international copyright laws

ringastylle Eti undisclosed location Acha ufala si phone iko na Google map @magix_enga wee vipi

jstrong_women pole ila ukitoka punguza kihere here unakuaga na ufala sasa wamekutengenezea kesi

sennymaster What led to his arrest? Mmmmmh @magix_enga mwaka huu……tutakuongelea tu!

sparta_de_khalifa Awa wajinga waseme ni dooh wanataka


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