The Juicy Part of BBI Report That Has Made Artists and Other Youths Happy

On Wednesday, November 27, President Uhuru Kenyatta launched the Building Bridges Initiative task force report with hopes that it will unite Kenya.

The report has come up with a wide-range of recommendations, including restructuring the government to re-introduce a system of government featuring shared power between a president and a prime minister with members of Kenya’s Parliament now allowed to become part of the Cabinet.

The conversation has revolved around these so much that many have forgotten the BBI report has also touched the youth.

The youth in Kenya are the majority population, and over the years have seen their opportunities to become successful stifled by a lack of a long-term vision for them.

The report has begun the conversation through several recommendations made, to ensure the Kenyan youth have equal and ample opportunities to prosper for the next 3 generations or 100 years.

The youth matters are captured in several pillars, the most notable is in the economic empowerment solutions i.e. 7-year tax break to support youth entrepreneurship and job creation, setting up business advisors in all Huduma Centers amongst others aimed at ensuring the Kenyan youth are empowered.

According to the report, artists, producers, actors, and other younger entrepreneurs will benefit from this since running businesses will be easier.

The BBI report seeks to capture more views of all Kenyans and the youth are urged to read and engage by sharing their feedback through the website so their solutions can be added into the BBI Report, which aims to give Homemade solutions for Kenyan issues.



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