Disappointing Things No One Warned You About Being an Adult


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How many times have you thought, “OK, I definitely have life figured out”? But life surprises you all over again.

That’s when you eventually learn that, there are a bunch of things no one warned you about being an adult, something happens and you find yourself caught off guard, despite having believed that you have seen it all.

Often, these things seem like negatives and they are moments when you are forced to stop and reexamine yourself because life just isn’t what you thought it would be.

Even though so much needs to be experienced first hand for us to really understand, we can’t be taught everything, no matter how good our teachers are perhaps something else we never knew about life.

Here are some of the disappoiting things no one warned you about being an adult.

Life Is Expensive

More expensive than you ever knew it could be.

When you first moved out and you are financially independent, you are forced to cater to your expenses with the little cash you have. Which means you have to cut on the cost of your expenditures.

 Hard Work Doesn’t Always Equal Success

This is a tough pill to swallow, just because you’re a hard worker and maybe willing to work harder than anyone else that doesn’t mean you’ll always be met with success.

Sometimes, “good” is just as good as “perfect.” You’re also better off learning the difference between working hard and working smart, because those are two completely different ideas.

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 Sometimes, You Can Only Rely On Yourself

Sometimes you won’t always have someone to turn to when you need help.

It’s important for you to feel secure by yourself, not so that you can avoid ever asking for a hand, but so that you can be prepared should that hand ever not be there.

 Friends, And Even Family, Will Come And Go

It’s an assumption most of us make close friends and family are here to stay.

Unfortunately, friends lose touch or decide to part ways and sometimes, relatives don’t always get along.

Distance whether physical or emotional often means we have to put more effort into staying connected and some of us just won’t do this.

 Failure Is Inevitable

It’s something ingrained in our minds from childhood, avoid failure at all costs and the word itself evokes feelings of emptiness and loss.

“I failed.” Failure is often treated as the ending of some journey as if this is where you’re meant to finish whatever it is you were pursuing.

Maybe you didn’t see these lessons of adulthood coming, but don’t let them rain on your parade. There’s something to gain from every twist and turn.

And let’s be honest, even if our parents did warn us about all of these things, would we really listen?

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