Vocal MP Roasted for Letting Child Illegally Drive his Car

A vocal nominated MP has been castigated online after a video emerged in which he was seen allowing his son to drive him and members of his family on a public road.

From the video, MP David ole Sankok can be seen filming and laughing even as the minor drives the car, oblivious of the lurking danger.

MP Sankok’s 12-year-old son Francis drives a car full of passengers. IMAGE: Courtesy

It has now emerged the MP is in the habit of letting minors drive his cars after another video emerged where Sankok’s other son was filmed driving the car.

Credible reports indicate the child in the video is Sankok’s 12-year-old son Francis Sankok who just completed his Primary education this year.

Francis got 381 marks in his KCPE exams.

According to the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), only individuals of the age 18 and above are allowed to drive light automatic cars after getting licenced.

Similarly, bodaboda riders must attain the age 21 before being allowed on the road while drivers of public service vehicles carrying from 14-32 passengers must be 25 years and above.

To drive buses (33 passengers and above) drivers should be at least 30 years.




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