Things You Should Never Do After A Break Up

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Dealing with a break up is never easy especially if it ended up in a fight or bitter argument.

Even in cases where a break up was a result of a mutual agreement and ended peacefully, it is still difficult considering that you had invested so much to make it work.

A lot of patience is required because healing is a process and it can be dangerous if you are trying to ignore the emotional hurt by intentionally distracting yourself.

Here are some of the things you should not do after a breakup

Pretending that you are fine

Sometimes, ego and pride get in the way and we want to prove that we are okay even when we are not.

Pretending that you are strong can only make the situation worse and it is, therefore, advisable to allow yourself to feel and let out the real feeling.

Stay friends with your ex

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Keeping your ex as a friend might not be the wisest thing to do. Although it works at times, it could equally lead to you falling back into the relationship that was not working.

For those who had toxic partners, cutting them off completely should be the best thing to do

Playing the blame game

Dwelling on whose fault it was that the relationship ended will only waste your time and make you lose focus.


Causing more trouble or making your ex pay for what they did to you might sound like a good deal. However, this could harm you or make you lose your dignity over unnecessary drama.

Jumping into a new relationship immediately

Some people do this to make their ex jealous or out of fear of being lonely. After a breakup, it is important to reflect more on what you want and give yourself time to heal.

Isolating yourself

After ending your relationship, you might feel like being alone or even think of cutting off your friends.

This is a good time to make new friends and avoid staying alone to keep off depressing thoughts.

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