Activist Wants Echesa Arrested For Sex Trafficking After Underage Ruaka Sex Den Exposed

Reports from Standard newspaper on 24th November 2019 have shockingly revealed that a sex den using underage girls in Ruaka was busted by police.

Police rescued the girls and arrested three suspects including a 44-year-old man believed to be the brothel manager. However, investigators have linked the sex den to a group of prominent personalities, one of whom is a former Cabinet Secretary.

Skimpily dressed girls, most of them underage were led to the elevator, down the seven floors and into police vehicles. For close to a year, the house was being used as a brothel by the proprietors.

Activist Boniface Mwangi

The publication further stated that it is from a vantage position on the seventh floor of the luxury apartments rented for Sh 60,000 a month that the former Cabinet minister has been operating the brothel since the beginning of the year.

Activist Boniface Mwangi has since come out guns blazing calling on the authorities to take action on the former sports cabinet secretary Rashid Echesa for being involved in a sex trafficking ring.

Ex minister Rashid Echesa

According to Boni, Echesa conducted all these illegal activities while having police bodyguards.


The 8 Pakistani girls arrested during a raid at Balle Balle club

Early January in 2019 eight belly dancers, alongside one Indian dancer were deported for violating terms of their temporary passes that allowed them into Kenya, allegedly to promote transnational culture.

The women, all aged above 18 and suspected to have been victims of human trafficking were arrested at a social club in Parklands, and arraigned in court on charges of being in the country illegally.However it was discovered they had been issued with special permits  by Mr Echesa.

Defense lawyer Evans Ondieki insisted that the eight girls who were arrested at Balle Balle Club at Parklands  were in the country legally with full permission of CS Echesa.

Do you believe Echesa is a dangerous sex trafficker?

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