Times Uhuru Kenyatta’s Children Have Angered Kenyans

Being a President comes with a lot of privileges, however, it never means that they are above the law or criticism.

In Kenya for instance, President Kenyatta has faced criticism and online trolls countless times and his children have had an equal share of this ‘treat’.

Everything is always a big deal for Kenyans especially now that the economy is not stable.

Here are the instances where Kenyatta’s children have faced the wrath of Kenyans

Ngina Kenyatta’s Unemployment speech

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Uhuru Kenyatta’s daughter Ngina has made headlines following her speech in regard to youth unemployment.

Her speech during the African Philanthropy Forum sparked mixed reactions from Kenyans who believe that she had no right to address unemployment since she comes from a privileged background.

In her speech, Ngina had encouraged the youth to take charge by equipping themselves with skills that match the economic and development needs of their society.

Although her remarks would count as very important insights,  it might have been such an untimely speech considering that many Kenyan youths are unemployed.

Muhoho Kenyatta Kiswahili speech

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Muhoho Kenyatta has more than once been on the trends for the wrong reasons; probably because he is known to be the outgoing one; which puts him on the spot.

Two years ago, Muhoho angered Kenyans after he gave a speech in Kiswahili. Muhoho had accompanied DP William Ruto for a campaign in Nandi County.

What shocked Kenyans was his poor Kiswahili and the fact that he had to read the speech from his phone.

 Muhoho vs MPs in a Nairobi Club

Muhoho Kenyatta was on the spot after he allegedly evicted MP’s from a VIP lounge at Club Milan in Westlands.

The government officials had gone to the club for an Easter outing when this incident happened.

Angry MP’s blasted him on social media over the incident and even questioned why the President’s son would treat them with such disregard.

Uhuru, Ruto and Raila’s sons spent millions in a club

Muhoho Kenyatta is known for having the party lifestyle and he has on several occasions been caught up in the club drama.

According to sources, the politician’s sons spent over a million in a nightclub throwing away money on the floor.

Other reports revealed that they had over 50 bottles which ended up on the ground.

Kenyans learnt about this incident after a receipt surfaced online. Even so, there has never been a confirmation to clarify this story.


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