4 Surprising Reasons Why Your Underarms are Dark

Having dark underarms can be embarrassing, you become uncomfortable when wearing sleeveless dresses or are very self-conscious.

Far from what you may think, dark underarms are caused by various reasons some of which are resulted by everyday habits.

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In some occasions, they are caused by hair removal creams that are heavily endowed with chemicals, a buildup of dead skin cells, poor ventilation in the armpit area, regular use of alcohol-based deodorants.

Here is why your armpits are dark.

  • Accumulation of Dead Cells

Very often, dead cells accumulate in the underarm area and cause darkness. These dead cells are a result of non-exposure of the skin in that area. A lot of people use skin products that contain chemicals, which we are unaware of.

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  • Deodorants

Lot of us also use skin products that contain chemicals, which we are unaware of. A common example is deodorants, the content of which tends to react with our skin, causing discolouration. Deodorants contain compounds in them, which cause a change in the skin, invoking sweat allergies and so on.

  • Shaving

While shaving, the hair is cut right above the surface of the skin, making the area look dark. According to Dr Deepali Bhardwaj, a renowned Dermatologist, “certain causes associated with underarm darkening include Friction Dermatitis, which leads to eczema, itching and skin pigmentation.

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  • Diabetes

Diabetes leads to skin darkening as well.”

There are several easy-to-find home remedies that you could use if you are troubled with dark skin in the underarm area.

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