WAGS: Volleyball Star Janet Wanja Announces Engagement with Another Mzungu

Kenyan Volleyball star Janet Mungai Wanja could finally settle down for some serious marriage life.

The Kenya Pipeline setter, who’s globally known for her heroics with the Malkia Strikers, has taken to social media to announce the next stage in her love-life.

Going by her most recent Facebook post, the 35-year old is now ready to walk down the aisle with her long-time Italian fiancé Giulio Calauti.

“I thank God for blessing you yet another year to celebrate. My prayer is He keeps watching over you as He Always Has. Grazie mio cuore (thank you my heart) for always being there for me and loving me in waits I could never have imagined,” she wrote.

The two love-birds have been dating since 2016, and they’ve been happy. Since then, they’ve been spending their holidays at the Coast- the Kenyan home to the youthful man.

“I’m in Watamu right now and I’ll be here until time for work comes. I tell you it was a long year for me and after bagging the 2017 KVF women’s volleyball league title, I needed to stay with my loved ones. I’m enjoying the company of my boyfriend and mother-in-law at the moment,” she previously said while on holiday.

But this is not the first time Wanja is parading a white man to the public. She seems to be a hot cake for the whites.

Volleyball queen Janet Wanja 'parts' ways with hubby
Janet Wanja’s ex-husband Andrew Swearman smoking shisha with an unidentified woman in Mombasa. (Photo: Courtesy)

About three years ago, Wanja was married to an old Briton Andrew Swearman before parting ways in 2016. It was a nasty breakup though; Wanja broke in anger and posted nasty photos of the man with another woman enjoying themselves at the coast.

And you got to love Wanja’s way of falling in love. When she loves, she does it with all her heart including up to changing her social media names to match her babes. Before 2016, she was called Janet Swearman; now she’s Janet Guilio.

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